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My Thoughts on #MiFlip15

Today, I attended the MiFlip Conference at Steelcase University in Grand Rapids, MI. I was going for a variety of reasons. I need people to explain flipped learning to me. I need skeptics to be skeptics. I like to fly-on-the-wall discussions where advocates and skeptics collide. Not because I enjoy confrontation, but because Michigan has some […]

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#michED Podcast 10: Striking a Balance

#michED Podcast 10: Striking a Balance

Does Twitter matter for education? Should it count for professional development? Have we become TOO connected? Listen in as several Michigan educators give their testimony on the impact that the social network, which gave rise to this community, has had.... read more

Teaching as Influence

Disclaimer: This is my path. As I talk about old dreams and how they no longer matter to me, I am not critiquing the people who choose these paths, but rather hoping people see less glamorous roles as important too. I had an interesting conversation this week on Twitter with Josh Stumpenhorst, Michael Doyle, and […]

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