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How do we move to student centered learning?

Yong Zhao wrote an incredible, research based piece arguing the way that schools should be. It is a lengthy piece but you should read it in its entirety right now! No really, go do it. Now that you have finished I want to respond to his recommendations at the end with some questions. I want […]

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When should you repeat projects?

When planning a PBL scope and sequence for the year should you repeat projects from previous years or start from scratch? I think there are definitely times when you should repeat projects. The most important reason to repeat a project is when you find a great community partner that you want to build relationships with […]

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A Culture of Collaboration – MACUL 2015

It’s been about a week and a half since the MACUL Conference in Detroit, and I finally feel like I have recovered enough and organized my thoughts around my experiences. This was my fifth MACUL conference, and I would say it was my best conference as well. First, I was able to participate in a […]

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