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A Culture of Collaboration – MACUL 2015

It’s been about a week and a half since the MACUL Conference in Detroit, and I finally feel like I have recovered enough and organized my thoughts around my experiences. This was my fifth MACUL conference, and I would say it was my best conference as well. First, I was able to participate in a […]

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Teaching and Embracing Failure

I’m still on a high from the most recent MACUL Conference in Detroit last week – blog post coming soon. There were so many inspiring, energetic, compassionate, and passionate educators discussing a variety of ideas. I’m still trying to focus and organize my thinking around all that I just experienced and absorbed. Ann Smart wrote […]

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Why a MakerSpace?

Last summer at a rented house in Evert, Michigan some #michED folks had an “Unplugg’d” weekend. We talked about how to help make the MACUL conference more of a place for people to interact, connect, and reflect rather than just sit and listen to presentations. The idea of a makerspace was thrown out as an inviting […]

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#MACUL15 MakerSpace

A couple of #MACUL-maker Space time lapse videos, a reflection video, and Storify of tweets: and A reflection video by @BillVanLooTeach See also Why a MakerSpace for a reflection on its creation and the story of one participant. Storify of #MACUL15-maker Tweets [View the story “MACUL15 Maker Space Tweets” on Storify]

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