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I don’t typically ask for direct help via digital or social media avenues; I’m a traditionalist, and prefer face to face conversations. However, I’ve found that when I’ve asked for help, I’ve been blessed with an over abundance of support from my #michED friends and colleagues. So rather than beat around the bush, I’ll be […]

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Why “off task” is OK

My friend Russ tweeted this quote (questioning it): “Every spare moment in our classrooms should be packed full of engaging, learning opportunities.” from The Edvocate. I replied that I’m ok with students being off task sometimes. You see no one is always “on.” We all get distracted sometimes and we also need brain breaks. This may […]

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Changing the Education Narrative

Recently I read an article from The Huffington Post titled – “5 Ways Educators Can Take Back Their Professional Narrative” – that really got me thinking about the public perception of teachers and education. Several things stood out to me about this article, and the one thing I really liked was the author, Dr. Chester […]

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Summer Learning All Across Michigan

Summer Learning All Across Michigan

Summer time provides teachers across the United States with the opportunity to pursue their passions, take on additional course work in fields of interest, or participate in professional development to help them grow in areas where they want to develop strengths....

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