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#michED Chat 12/17/14: Open Mic Night

#michED Chat 12/17/14: Open Mic Night

The last #michED chat of 2014 was an opportunity to “rant” about all of the wonderful people, classrooms, and schools that make up the greater educational community here in Michigan. Whether it was honoring someone for the hard work they do to make your... read more
#michED Chat 12/10/14: Hour of Code

#michED Chat 12/10/14: Hour of Code

This week is the huge “Hour of Code” event happening around the globe. This evening’s chat focused on the many ways that classrooms across Michigan are using the website, and many others, to have their students explore and practice the coding skills... read more


Placed Based Education (PBE) is the idea of embedding learning in a local, authentic context. It is community centered with students addressing local issues. A great example would be this school in Canada. PBE does not ignore bigger, “world” issues, but rather seeks to have students find entrance into them through their own community and local […]

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#michED Chat 11/19/14: Breaking Down Silos

#michED Chat 11/19/14: Breaking Down Silos

This week’s chat topic was selected by the community as something close to the realities that many educators face in Michigan. We collaborate, we communicate, and we make efforts to work with those outside of our “silos,” but it’s a difficult... read more

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