This week was a special chat. It was our very first chat dedicated to pre-service and new teachers, and the questions that they have as they come into the teaching profession. There are many realities that pre-service training can attempt to prepare young educators for, but often understanding comes when actual classroom experience is mixed with mentorship of a veteran educator that can serve as a sounding board and guide for difficult situations; classroom management, dealing with unknown curriculum, student behavior, etc.

We were fortunate this week to have pre-service students from across Michigan participate and submit dozens of engaging questions! The tweets were fast and numerous, and pre-service students checked in from the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Adrian College, Grand Valley State University, Hope College, and Cornerstone University. Moderating the chat were Ann Smart, an adjunct professor at Adrain College, and Jon Hasenback, assistant professor at GVSU. We hope to make the pre-service chat a regular topic throughout the year as we connect with more teachers in training across the state.

If you have trouble viewing the archive of the chat, you can view the entire Storify archive here.

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