The Maker Movement is booming across the United States! So much so that it’s still relevant a year and a half after our first #michED chat about Maker Spaces and the Maker ethos that’s crept into our classrooms…in a good way. Teachers and students are taking up tinkering, building, crafting, and working with their hands and minds in monumentally creative ways that we haven’t seen since the days of the erector set and home chemistry labs. Maker Spaces are popping up around the country, and the Detroit Maker Faire is one of the largest in the nation.

Jeff Bush and Kit Hard helped lead us through a creative chat, asking us to share our maker spaces, encouraged some playful creativity, and gave newcomers to the Maker Movement a chance to explore what’s happening around the state.

If you have trouble viewing the archive of the chat, you can view the entire Storify archive here.