The use of technology for learning within the classroom is no longer up for debate. Several standards found within the Common Core Literacy Standards call for the direct use of technology, including the use of digital collaboration and writing tools. They’re a part of the Common Core State Standards that are often overlooked, and are meant to help build up experiences and skills that students can apply directly to jobs or higher learning directly out of High School. Putting aside the standards, the reach of technology into our lives has hit a point at which we can no longer shut it out of our classrooms; we must find ways to use it efficiently, creatively, and with intentionally.

Thankfully, we had Dr. Lisa Hervey, an expert in the area of Curriculum & Instruction (as well as a CMU grad), to guide us through the unpacking of two unique tools meant to help teachers frame the use of technology in the classroom. Both the SAMR Model for technology integration, and the TPACK Framework for instructional design offer the opportunity for educators to think about how technology impacts their instruction, and how instructional practice can help steer the use of technology.

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