Technology is pervasive in our lives; our homes, workplaces, and schools are now filled with computers, tablets, gadgets, and more. How we support, employee, and maintain growth in the area of technology varies greatly among schools in Michigan. You may have technology support from your county-level Intermediate School District or Educational Service Agency. You may have closer support from district-hired instructional technology specialists. And you may only have access to volunteer teacher-leaders in the area of technology to push forward with new initiatives and support colleagues.

All of our schools’  realities are different, as are our educational goals and pathways to achieve them. Some of the regular participants in the weekly #michED chat may be the only connected educator in their school. We have high poverty districts (a topic we’ll tackle in a future chat) that exist in “technology deserts”, and high income districts with access to plenty of technology beyond the school walls. So it was with welcome anticipation that the Boyne Tech Conference hosted a chat about how all schools can move forward with their use of technology, regardless of where they happen to be.

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