Submitted by Kit Hard

You wake. It’s Wednesday. And you think to yourself, “I Love Wednesdays. Wednesdays are #MichEd days.” You anxiously await the 8-9 p.m. hour when you will once again join together on Twitter with colleagues from across the great state of Michigan and friends from around the world only to learn – #MichEd CHAT IS ON VACATION! Wait! What! How can they do this?! How can “they”, whoever “they” are, so frivolously push the pause button this shining beacon of eduhope and positivity?

Suddenly you remember. #MichEd isn’t a “they”. It’s an us. It’s a me. You say to yourself, “I’ll use the hashtag tonight to start a conversation with others like myself; fellow educators who are passionate about learning, teaching, and sharing. Sure it’s Summer, but we can still gather around the Twitter campfire to ask questions, share ideas, and challenge each others’ thinking with a spirit of openness and growth.”

summer campfire chats
That’s right folks. #MichEd is what you make it. Such freedom! Such power! Such possibility! So go ahead. Check in each Wednesday this Summer from 8-9 p.m. EST – and start or join the conversation. Make new connections. Tackle the issues near and dear to your heart. And of course you can keep that conversation going every day, 24/7 – help keep the campfire lit.