The 1:1 teaching environment has long been heralded as the classroom of the 21st century. If all students have devices, then learning should be transformed. The reality is typically much different, as schools struggle to balance many issues regarding technology in the hands of every student. Bandwidth is needed for so many devices, curriculum is opened up to a wide variety of digital avenues, but perhaps most important is being able to use the technology to amplify successful learning strategies, not just for the sake of using a computer. Filtering, cost of maintenance, and staff training come into play as well; if school districts are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on new learning devices, we want to make sure that teachers and students approach them from a standpoint of comfort and knowledge of how to leverage devices to enhance learning spaces in which learners are connected.

This week’s chat was fortunate enough to be moderated by Nicole Meintz, as she helped us explore many of the questions we should all be asking when working with students that all have access to devices for learning.

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