Games….they’re not just for recess anymore. Or rather, games have been synonymous with learning for a very long time, but are only now coming into the their own as a mainstream pedagogical approach. Montessori and Reggio Emilia instructional methods both have large elements of play and choice within them, and taking a more gameful approach to learning is increasingly common in traditional schools.

It would be easy to write off the Game Based Learning movement as generational; something that lends itself to “gamers” and students that have grown up in an era of mobile devices and game systems. That would be oversimplifying things, as games play an important role for learning from an early age; blocks and colorful toys that encourage discovery give way to number games and playful approaches to learning. Remi Holden, an expert in the field of Game Based Learning, helped guide us through taking a more playful approach to learning in our classrooms.

Remi’s huge list of resources for Game Based Learning, including great people to follow on Twitter, books to read, and conferences to attend to learn more, can be found here.

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