#michED Month Promo 2015


It’s May! As the school year comes to a close, it’s time to celebrate everything that is #michED! We’re challenging teachers, parents, students, and schools to share and celebrate all of the unique learning, projects, ideas, and stories that have to their social media streams.

Whether you’re a blogger, tweeter, active on Instagram, Vine, or any other social media platform, we’re encouraging everyone that’s involved with education here in Michigan to share at least one story, image, or video each and every day in May and tag it with the #michED hashtag. We want to end the year on a high note, filled with wonder, discovery, creativity, and innovation. End of year testing, exams, social events, and final grading is enough to tire out even the most veteran of teachers, so we’re looking to invigorate our state-wide educational community with uplifting stories of achievements (big and small), sentiments of encouragement, and ideas that help push us all forward to solve the problems we face in our classrooms everyday.

How to Participate

  1. Pick an event, story, project, or other moment to share! It can be big or small. Need help with ideas, we have weekly themes for you!
    • Week One (May 4th-8th) – Memorable moments with students
    • Week Two (May 11th-15th) – Celebrate student learning
    • Week Three (May 18th-22nd) – Opening windows into your classroom
    • Week Four (25th-29th) – Opening your school’s hallways to the world
  2. Share a blog post or image via Twitter, Blogger, Instagram, Vine, Periscope, Facebook post, or other social media sharing site! Tag it with #michED!
  3. If you can, point back to this blog post so others can discovery and share!

That’s it, simple right? We know that sharing our personal stories from the classroom won’t make things better for Education in Michigan overnight; but we’re hopeful that a month of sharing stories will build up encouragement for others in the educational community to share as well. We want to help showcase the struggles we’ve overcome, the student success stories, and connect teachers across the state with ideas that will inspire. Consider this your challenge to make the greater educational community in Michigan better each and everyday by sharing and connecting with others!