May has been a frantic month, filled with celebration, reflection, and gorgeous weather here in Michigan. As we cap off “May is #michED Month“, we took the opportunity to share all of the ways in which students, teachers, and schools are opening up their learning for the world to celebrate, connect with, and collaborate. The assumption that everyone “knows” what school is like is still quite firmly planted in the minds of many adults. There’s a common traditional K-12 experience that most have shared; homework, worksheets, following the teacher’s lead, etc. The reality is that those assumptions don’t often reflect what schools are becoming; vibrant learning communities focused on collaboration, exploration, and connections with the world in ways that were never possible before.

Rebecca Wildman, an influential advocate for connected learning in Boyne, MI, understands the importance of every member of a learning community to connect in some way with the greater community in which they live. Whether it’s through service learning projects, reaching out and sharing via social media, or collaborating through video, there are many ways in which teachers, students, and parents can help a school culture grow and thrive. In an era where opening your school’s hallways to the world is just a tweet or status update away, every member of a school community has the power to share the amazing learning happening in our schools; public, private, charter, or otherwise!

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