As part of our May is #michED Month celebration, we focused this week on memorable moments in the classroom. Specifically creating, sharing, and celebrating them. Teaching and learning environments (virtual or face to face) should include moments in which exploration of the content intersects with the building of relationships. We want to grow and nourish learners’ minds with facts, figures, and formulae, as well as indelible moments of shared learning and discovery; everyone has at least one favorite moment or individual that taught them at one point in their lives. Whether it was a teacher, an educational aide, a parent, or a peer, we hope there are adults creating positive memorable moments in the lives of all of our students’ lives.

Ben Rimes was on hand to moderate the chat this evening, and provided some depth to the usual questions through the use of video which you can view in the archive stream.

If you have trouble viewing the archive of the chat, you can view the entire Storify archive here.