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Summer time provides teachers across the United States with the opportunity to pursue their passions, take on additional course work in fields of interest, or participate in professional development to help them grow in areas where they want to develop strengths.

While a lot of amazing professional development opportunities take place around the United States, we happen to be partial to the amazing professional development that happens right here in Michigan! So we decided to create a self-serve database of as many professional learning events in Michigan taking place this summer. Currently, there are 36 offerings, with topics ranging from Google Apps to Science, Math, and the Maker Movement. Just like everything else that the #michED team is involved with, we wanted the #michED Summer PD Website to be a resource that grows and is fed by the community. Don’t see an event that you know should be on there? It’s self service! Simply fill out the form with the details of your event and it will be added to the database.

This database is only as valuable as the amount of events it holds, so please share this far and wide across all of #michED!

#michED Summer PD Database

image credit – 293 Mackinac Bridge by Ben Townsend (https://www.flickr.com/photos/bwtownsend/4887145608)