As the #michED movement for positive change and problem solving in Michigan grows, so does the interest by those in positions to enact change that impacts education in our state. We’ve held productive chats about the State Superintendent search last year, we wrestled with the transition to the SAT, and now we’ve been fortunate enough to assist Representative Adam Zemke as he crafts legislation to set a positive tone and expectation for Michigan Schools to embrace social media. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms continue to play a dominant role in how individuals across communities communicate and share. Rep. Zemke is hoping that embracing policy that denotes and highlights best practices for the use of social media in the K-12 setting will encourage more school districts to seek out opportunities to use these platforms to connect with the communities they serve.

The legislation that Rep. Zemke introduced this last summer would require all K-12 school districts to adopt policies regarding the use of social media by those that work for or within a school district. We wanted to help connect him with many active social media users in schools across the state to make the legislation as effective as possible. Moderated by Todd Bloch, a middle school teacher in Clinton Township, this week’s chat focused on how schools, educators, and students can use social media  effectively and in positive ways to improve learning and connect with their communities.

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