Often unexpected roadblocks can lead to the most wonderful detours! Such was the case this week, as we were unable to secure a moderator in time for a chat dedicated to the new Michigan Science Standards adopted last week. While we do have plans to host a chat about those standards at a later date, we seized upon the opportunity to host a “community chat” in which we explored what the #michED chat (and community surrounding it) means to you. Specifically how those that participate came to know about the chat, what they value, and how we can continue to grow the scope of the conversations, better address the needs of educators across Michigan, and continue to bring more of the digital conversations to the real world.

We were fortunate enough to have Kit Hard and Rachelle Wynkoop lead us through a conversation that provided the #michED chat team with a wealth of information, direction, and purpose for the months to come!

If you have trouble viewing the archive of the chat, you can view the entire Storify archive here.