What happens when you get a group of teachers, and a group of administrators, and ask them to confront one another with those burning questions that don’t fit well into a normal school day? Sure, we address difficult questions each and every day in schools; how do we handle discipline issues, how do we address struggling readers living in unsupportive households, and how do we combat issues of cyberbullying are all questions thrown around in conference rooms, classrooms, and the principal’s office.

What about those questions that are often spoken only in the lunch or break room, when administrators aren’t present? What about the questions that principals and other administrators ask in what seems like endless meetings where teachers aren’t present? What happens when we ask what we feel? Are administrators looking for “gotcha” moments? What happens in those long administrator only meetings? Do teachers feel safe having administrators come in to observe them?

Todd Bloch and John Bernia, a teacher in Warren and a Principal in Lake Orion, joined forces to address some of these burning questions in this week’s chat. These questions are often avoid, sometimes out of necessity, and sometimes just because we don’t allow ourselves time to have honest conversations about these topics.

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