As the Michigan Department of Education (and many other state-level Educational agencies) continue their shifts to more learner-focused education, competency-based education, and personalized-learning, the growing need to have students take ownership of their learning is paramount. Increasingly, traditional “two track” models of K-12 education to either college or a career are giving way to branching paths in which students feel more empowered to choose their educational pathways.

But students must be prepared, and supported, on a level that goes deeper than the courses they choose. By empowering and supporting students to discover how they can motivate themselves to learn, and pursue courses of action that put them “in the driver’s seat” we can build learning environments in which students are more engaged. Even young students can articulate what drives them to learn as Erin Mastin, elementary teacher in Boyne City, showed us in this week’s chat.

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