What is a “Learning Organization?” Schools are already institutions of learning, aren’t they? As K-12 educators and schools continue to adopt effective philosophies and practices from more flexible businesses and industries, we face the reality that we need to shift from authoritarian models of management to those of shared-ownership and empowerment. We talked about student ownership of learning in a recent chat, and this week’s chat addresses how teachers can be a part of collective problem-solving as equal partners in the decision making process.

Jeff Bush, Facilitator at Kent Innovation High, gave us some excellent background reading by Moya Mason about what defines a “Learning Organization.” In essence, an organization focused on learning and growing empowers workers (in this case teachers) to work with one another, and empower them to create and own the realities they hope to see; in short, schools as learning organizations are schools that learn how to and make decisions collaboratively, not wait around for top-down solutions to follow.

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