While there are many topics, interests, and realities of education that we discuss every day with parents, law makers, and among colleagues at work, very few of them have the impact that poverty does when it comes to ensuring educational success for students. Poverty is a pervasive problem in communities affected by it; it reaches into homes, schools, businesses, basic services, and is often seen as a problem few in more affluent communities are unwilling to tackle on a large scale. That’s not to say there aren’t many who work hard to find solutions for impoverished communities; in fact, the focus of this week’s chat was in helping schools across the state discuss the reality of poverty, how it affects our schools, and ways in which teachers, schools, and school leaders can help combat poverty.

Brian Davis, the Superintendent of Holland Public Schools and an advocate for increasing awareness and implementing large scale changes to address the impact that poverty has on our school communities, led us through a chat filled with resources, ideas, and the stark reality that facing poverty is something we all must take on as educators.

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