After a hiatus of far too many months, the regular posting of the weekly #michED Twitter chats returns, huzzah!

In preparation for conferences, Thanksgiving, and a host of other events that disrupt the school calendar (in good ways that is)¬†in November and early December, this week’s chat was focused on joy! Joyous experiences in the classroom, creating and maintaining a feeling of contentment among learners, and trying to amplify the joyous moments that teachers and students have in our classrooms across the state.

Joy isn’t about ignoring what’s not working in our classrooms, or being willfully ignorant of the difficulties we face each and every day in managing a room full of 30 students. Joy is a state of mind, predicated on the belief that tackling our jobs and duties with a joyful attitude can often help create an atmosphere were better work and learning takes place.

A number of excellent resources about creating joy in your work envrionment can be found here along with the questions from this week’s chat.

If you have trouble viewing the archive of the chat below, you can view the entire Storify archive here.