Originally launched in 2013, the Hour of Code has become a world-wide celebration and exploration of coding, computer science, and helping students discover not just promising careers, but vital collaboration skills, for the 21st century. I know, I know, you likely haven’t heard anyone talk about “21st century skills” in awhile (it became passed a few years back). However, the thrust of Hour of Code is that the industries of the future will be built upon the marriage between hardware and software; the continued proliferation of technology and technological advancements are creating a world in which apps, snippets of code, and software is bug business. Helping students find ways in which they can be successful in that environment is one of the goals of Hour of Code.

We were fortunate enough to have Ann Smart, Instructional Technology Specialist for Leneway County, guide us through the exploration of coding resources you can use for your students during the entire week-long celebration of the Hour of Code, December 4th – 10th!

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