Every new year brings with it the promise of a “fresh start,” a rest button if you will. January is the harbinger of new ideas, new goals, new chapters in life. For teachers in Michigan every week is a new hope, a new set of aspirations, and the opportunity for a fresh start. That doesn’t mean that the first week back in January after a much-needed Christmas break isn’t welcome. In fact, it’s a restorative time for many educators who are thinking about “resetting” their instructional practice; the needs of students mid-year are very different than those at the start of the year, and January introduces one of the longest stretches of uninterrupted instructional time to dig in and help students achieve new goals!

Laura McDonell, an educator and writer here in Michigan, led us through a great launch to January and 2018 this week as we discussed setting new goals, adjusting current ones, and starting January strong in the classroom!

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