All Aboard and About #michED

The #michED chat is a grassroots effort dedicated to giving teachers, students, and parents across Michigan a bigger voice in the conversation about education in our state. We welcome all voices through a variety of projects, media, and social networking. We’re trying to address educational issues through apolitical conversation, spreading ideas and stories of success from Michigan classrooms across the state, and helping teachers and students regain the courage to connect and demonstrate that schools in Michigan are creating amazing opportunities for learning. We want the face and voice of education in Michigan to be a mural of shared experiences and positive examples of connected learning.

Originally conceived by co-creators Jeff Bush and Ben Rimes in November of 2012, the #michED chat has grown to include voices from several passionate educators, parents, and students. It became more than an attempt to improve the often negative tone that existed within the #michED hashtag on Twitter, and has become a positive force for connecting, empowering, and amplifying student, parent, and teacher voices. There are amazing learning opportunities being created throughout the state everyday, and we want to help shed light on them.


Our expectations for the #michED community:

Participants who:

  • introduce themselves as equal partners in learning
  • chat honestly and respectfully
  • avoid personal insults, bad language and inflammatory remarks
  • don’t always agree with each other and provide constructive push back
  • share resources and opportunities for further learning
  • make and foster individual connections outside of the chat

Leaders who:

  • welcome participants to the conversation
  • provide guiding questions
  • facilitate dialogue and connections
  • inform the community of upcoming opportunities across Michigan

Our Shared Outcomes:

  • Connecting educators across the state and globe
  • Spreading innovation and creative spirit
  • Supporting personalized professional development
  • Promoting and celebrating the positives in education that move us all forward

All images on the site are provided courtesy of Brad Wilson, and are available on his Flickr photo steam.


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