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How to GIF for Newbs

Bill and Ted Air Guitar

This week presents a culmination of many realities for me this school year: I’m taking lead on my school district’s improvement plan for the first time. I’m busy coordinating funding and professional development for our district-wdie STEM programs for next year. I’ve finally admitted that without actually writing anything, it’s difficult to actually publish a […]

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Poverty Project Builds Social Awareness

“At our Project Based Learning (PBL) high school we are constantly developing the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills of our students through collaboration in authentic work. We decided to end the school year with a service learning project to focus on the competency of social awareness. We combined American Studies, an integrated American history […]

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Cramming in Last Minute Caring

We have about a month of school left. I am worn out from a long and stressful year. The weather is getting warmer and sunny (rare during Michigan winters). Kids are getting more restless and active. Everyone knows that we are pretty much down to the end and the pressure is on to make sure […]

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Student Voice and Choice

I had the opportunity to record a short Google Hangout with other National Faculty members from Buck Institute for Education on the Gold Standard for “Student Voice and Choice.” John Larmer wrote a nice post summarizing it here. Check out the entire GHO below:

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Going Public: The Power of Local, Community Partners in PBL

Ever have a project that students don’t get very excited about? Chances are that it was lacking a quality audience and purpose. Deciding on the right public product that is authentic to students can be one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of designing a gold standard project-based learning (PBL) project. Sometimes teachers try to […]

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