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The #michED podcast is a grassroots effort to capture meaningful stories of great things happening in Michigan schools. Hosted by Brad Wilson, we seek to amplify student and teacher voice regarding ideas, projects, or topics that are worth sharing and discussing.

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Are you a student, educator, or parent in Michigan with a story to share? Submit your voice using our Speakpipe page so we can feature your stories of educational interest in a future episode of the podcast.

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#MichEd Podcast 3: Changes

#MichEd Podcast 3: Changes

High School teacher David Theune talks with four of his students about the changes he made to his classroom and, more importantly, how those changes affected their learning.  [audio]...

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#MichEd Podcast 2: Designing Learning Spaces

#MichEd Podcast 2: Designing Learning Spaces

In this episode we explore how the design of classrooms and schools can impact student learning. Brad interviews educators, students and an architect to dig deeper into ways that schools can make a space more engaging. Listen below on the site or through SoundCloud....

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