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Promoting Projects with #michED

The #michED community is a dynamic mix of teachers, administrators, parents, students, pre-service educators and more. Every role that plays a part in education can be found in the stream, and the community can be a powerful way to promote projects happening in your classroom. And the #michED community is willing to help promote your project.

Before sharing your project we ask that you consider the following guidelines. You certainly don’t have to follow these guidelines, but the more of them that your project covers, the easier it is for community members to share and promote.

We would love to help support #michED learning projects that:

  • Clearly state learning goals, objectives, outcomes, and activities!
  • Involve connections and collaborations among schools
  • Encourage final products that are built upon collaboration
  • Are open to any and all schools that want to participate
  • Include real world connections and elements
  • Have a “home base” or landing page that we can point people towards
  • Are multidisciplinary in nature


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